Religious Education plays a very important part in our broad, balanced and coherent curriculum to which all pupils are entitled at Town Lane Infant School. Lessons are taught discreetly and are designed to be thought provoking, engaging, fun and interactive. Through using a variety of teaching techniques such as drama, art, discussion, use of artefacts, stories, pictures, periods of stillness and reflection, pupils have opportunities to learn both about religion and from religion. Our RE curriculum plays an important role in helping to promote British Values and our SMSC development. Town Lane has strong ties to our local church, Christ Church, Bebington which enriches pupils’ religious, moral and social education. The school’s church links contributes a valuable dimension to our Christian ethos. We believe that all children should have equality of opportunity and should be able to access the curriculum regardless of race, religion, gender or ability.

R.E Intent

Develop a knowledge and understanding of the nature of religion, religious beliefs, practice and experience;

Explore the way that religious beliefs and experience shape life and conduct;

Consider and make their own response to the religious dimension of life and encourage pupils to develop their own beliefs and values;

Acknowledge the diverse nature of religious convictions and respect people’s rights to hold them.

Town Lane Infant School follows the Wirral Agreed Syllabus which is a set of modules designed and reviewed by Wirral’s Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)

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