The Coronation

22nd May 1953

The chairman of the managers – Councillor Williams, Mrs Williams and Mrs Penmon came to distribute the Coronation mugs and chocolate to the children.  School closed for Whitsun week and the days holiday for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2nd        

13th June 1953

On Saturday 13th June we celebrated Coronation with a Pageant & fair.  His Worship the mayor of Bebington – Councillor Charles Reed opened the Pageant.  This was organised by the school staff – the parents providing the costumes.  The P.T.A organised the fair & refreshment side. 13,00 people entered apart from the children taking part & official guests & helpers.  It was a great success.  The pageant consisted of incidents from the first Elizabethan reign, and again from the life of our own present Queen from her childhood to her Coronation.  There was dancing, marching and singing by all groups of children.