Hedgehog Friendly Schools Campaign

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We are working towards becoming a 'Hedgehog Friendly School'.

Hedgehogs are vulnerable to extinction in Britain due to habitat loss, development, roads and garden hazards. They have declined between 30-75% since 2000 in rural areas.

At Town Lane Infant School, we want to help hedgehogs, as much as we can, to be able to survive.

This campaign aligns with our school vision and values

  • we foster a love of learning for life and a thirst for knowledge
  • we have resilient learners with a strong growth mindset
  • our learners are independent risk takers
  • relationships are respectful and trusting with a strong focus on collaboration and cooperation
  • we learn to express ourselves through an appreciation of the arts and our natural surroundings

Our pupil working group have this message about why they want to help.

"We want to help hedgehogs so they are safe and don't get sick'' 
'' We are helping hedgehogs in our school by doing 'no mow may' so they have somewhere safe to be'' 
'' We are helping hedgehogs in our school by feeding them, we leave dog food & cat food that's what they like'' 
'' We want to help hedgehogs because lots of them are dying'' 

We know that 984 hedgehogs were found in our local area. We want to help to increase this number.

Please help us to help the hedgehogs in our local area.


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