Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Town Lane Infant School we are committed to supporting the emotional health and well-being of our pupils and staff. Particularly in the current climate, there are many challenges that everyone is facing and experiencing.  We know and understand that these life challenges that many of us are faced with require some additional emotional support and that these challenges may make us feel particularly vulnerable at times.  As a school community we are committed to support anyone who may need additional emotional support.

Everyone deserves to have positive mental health, and everyone has a role to play to support you to get there.

We believe that good mental health allows children and young people to develop resilience to cope with different aspects of life and to grow into well rounded, healthy adults.

At Town Lane Infant School there are many ways in which we support children’s mental health and wellbeing.  For example:

Throughout our curriculum and everyday school life we encourage and support the children to understand their feelings and emotions
Embedded in our behaviour policy we encourage children to be resilient when challenges occur, to be ready to learn having a positive mindset and be respectful to others.
We encourage the children to be self-confident and develop their self-esteem ensuring they all know that they matter.
We support children to know that they can talk to us and open up, sharing their feelings and worries.
We support the children to build and maintain positive social relationships with others.

Dealing with change

We have all experienced huge periods of change over the last year and this is understandably making everyone’s mental health a priority.

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