Our Changing School

January 2008 -  Old canteen demolished, Children's Centre built attached to school including new canteen, old staff toilet and I.C.T suite turned in to 10th classroom, 2 new toilets for staff built in corridor next to Reception classes

October 2006 - Expanded hard surface to rear of the school, to improve outdoor play for all the children throughout the year

March 2006 –   A new classroom built (classroom adjoining the classroom adjacent to the back playground)

Nursery class moved to a new classroom

One classroom extended to include corridor and toilets

New bike stand to encourage walking to school

Finally, the mobile was demolished.

Sept 2004 –     Upgrading of toilets

Installation of disabled toilet

Installation of changing facilities

Easter 2003 -   Quad corridors double-glazed

A new front door!

March 2002 -   Children involved in the tree planting program to improve school grounds

Summer 2001 – Office corridor extended to house the library

April 2001 -      School library changed into ICT suite housing 10 computers

January 2000 – Work on the new building (classroom adjacent to back playground) began.

June 1997 –     New nursery classroom opened (classroom nearest the canteen)

February 1997 –  Main cloakroom converted into a classroom

October 1992 – Main store made into a secretarial office

Sink area in main cloakroom turned into a stockroom

October 1989 - Quad area landscaped as part of birthday year celebrations by Wirral Gardeners

Summer holidays 1970 – Work was started on the conversion from solid fuel to oil central heating

April 1965 – Miss Radcliffe visited school to discuss suggestions made by the chief fire officer – two rotary bells to be fixed in the corridor.

Summer holidays 1964 – During vacation decorators painted all classrooms, the hall, staffroom, cloakrooms.  Two men were remaining to complete corridors, doors and strockrooms.

October 1963 – Work began on closing in the verandah, completed January 1964.

October 1954 – Visit from Miss R. re blackboards, cupboards and panels for new classroom.  Resurfacing of playground and paths commenced and completed this month.

October 1953 – Visit from Miss R. - county inspection of primary schools - to see new classroom and arrange for cupboards and other fittings to be fixed as soon as possible.

September 1953 – Visit from Mr R. about the new classroom. Suggestions made for alteration to the door at the inside end of the children’s toilet.

January 1953 – Representative from County Architects office called to discuss provision of a sandpit; it is to be 8’ by 6’ with a platform of 8” wide for the children to stand on.

September 1952 – Progress has been made with the building of the new classroom. Steps from cloakroom to playground replaced by a ramp and a covered way being erected from there to the canteen.  The cloakroom wall nearest entrance has been closed and a new door made in the wall facing the quadrangle. The children must come into school through two doorways.

January 1948 – Workmen started work on the school canteen

School bicycle shed for staff and canteen workers almost ready for use