As Mathematicians at Town Lane Infant School, children will develop fluency, knowledge and understanding to use mathematics as a tool for everyday life. Practical experiences and a growth mindset will ensure a solid understanding is gained which will foster a life-long love of mathematics. A positive mindset for mathematics, throughout the school community, and strong subject knowledge demonstrated by all staff are key to children's success in mathematics. Using the expected outcomes from the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework it is our intent to develop:

  • a positive attitude towards mathematics
  • Fluency and a secure knowledge of number facts and a secure understanding of the four operations and how they are inter-related.
  •  An ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately
  • An ability to communicate mathematics using accurate mathematical vocabulary

We believe that all children should have equality of opportunity and should be able to access the curriculum regardless of race, religion, gender or ability


2023 EYFS Maths

Within EYFS, planning is based on Development Matters and Birth to Matters documents. Our ‘Progression within Mathematics’ document provides clear progression of the skills and knowledge required for a child to become a competent mathematician and will support staff in ensuring that fundamental small steps within a child’s learning are secured before moving on. Within F1, we strongly believe that children need to develop a conceptual understanding of numbers and develop an understanding of cardinality before an emphasis is placed on the labelling of quantities with numerals. The NCETM Mastering Number programme, used within F2,  builds upon this understanding and supports all children develop a deep conceptual understanding of number. Mastering Number is delivered as a whole class session four times a week. The use of this programme enables children to be introduced to the mathematical representations and language that will be built upon as they continue their mathematical journey through school.




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