Physical Education

As sportspeople at Town Lane Infant School, all children will enjoy and achieve through an engaging, progressive and inclusive PE curriculum. A broad range of high-quality sporting opportunities will challenge our pupils to engage and succeed in developing their fundamental physical skills and improve their health and well-being. They will develop as they progress through the school, becoming physically literate and building their physical skills as a foundation for the next step on their journey.

Children will excel in their knowledge and skills through engagement with a range of experts, exposing them to the role of sports in people’s lives. Pupils will leave the school with the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to prepare them for a healthy, active lifestyle as they progress through school and promote a lifelong love of sport. They will enjoy and see the value of competition, and enjoy opportunities for sporting events that develop their skills, character and allow them to become passionate sportspeople
 We believe that all children should have equality of opportunity and should be able to access the curriculum regardless of race, religion, gender or ability. 

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