School Council

At the beginning of every year, our Y1 and Y2 classes nominate and vote for members of their class to represent them in our School Council. 
The School Council meet once a week, with Mrs Armstrong, and discuss how to improve different areas of our school. The Council members feedback information and the articles discussed during the meetings to the rest of their class.
The Council has a strong voice within school and supports decision making and improvements for all pupils at Town Lane. 
Discussion points so far this year include
* How to make playtime more enjoyable for everyone
* How to be clean and how to help to stop germs from spreading 
* How to encourage people to drink more water and to understand how important it is
* How to celebrate and embrace talents at Town Lane
*How to promote kindness throughout the school and into the wider community
The School Council write to the leaders of the school to communicate their findings and their requests are acted upon. 
All classes have been thinking about how articles effect their daily lives.
The school council have taken a tour around the school and noted which articles have been displayed and possible areas for development.
The School Council have focused on climate change (2020/2021) and mental health (2021/2022). This was part of UNICEF's OutRight Campaign. 
Our pupils have the right to give their opinion and for adults to listen and take it seriously- Article 12