Mental Health and Wellbeing Book Suggestions

Mental Health and Wellbeing

One of the best ways to address mental health issues for our children is through stories.  We have made a list of books we like, that address a variety of emotional issues as well as providing links to websites you may find useful.

We always encourage parents and carers to come and talk with us if you have any concerns about your child’s mental health or wellbeing as soon possible – your child’s happiness is of paramount importance to  us.

You will also find links about our ELSA provision in school.

Book ideas

We use this a lot in Early Years to demonstrate to the children that feeling different emotions is normal, healthy and something we recognise but we don't worry about. They can then relate to which monster they might be feeling like at different times or on different days
A great book which shows that sharing our worries and fears makes them smaller or go away.
The Huge Bag of Worries

This is one of the best books we know that deal with the worries that children have.  As adults it an only be too easy to dismiss what a child worries about as insignificant, and telling them to stop worrying about it doesn't really work! This book is a useful reminder to us grown-ups that a worry for a child can have a huge impact, as well as helping children to understand what to do when they do have a worry.

This one comes with a tissue warning!
An amazing book by Benji  Davies that addresses the death of a grandparent in a really lovely way. There are a few other bereavement books that we would recommend too; please talk to us if you would like a list.